Simply Tinted Lace Spray


Lace Tint Color
Light Brown (BurlyWood)
Medium Brown (Peru)
Dark Brown (SaddleBrown)

Simply Tinted is a lace tint spray designed to give your lace a more natural look. This spray is the fastest solution to achieving the SCALP look, giving your lace the illusion of disappearing. It is formulated to match ANY skin tone. Tinted Lace allows you to choose from a variety of different colors. If you need a customized color please feel free to let me know by emailing me @


1. Make sure knots are bleached before applying spray

2. Shake the spray well and hold it 1-3 inches away from your lace.

3. Apply tint to the back side of your lace (can be applied to wet OR dry lace)

4. Blow dry or let air dry

5. Enjoy the SCALPIANA LOOK!


Bottle size: 8oz


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